How it Works

How Mekar Crowdfunding Works

What if you can invest and earn solid returns while contributing to the improvement of access to finance for Indonesian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that are creating a positive social and economic impact? is a web platform for peer-to-peer lending investment that connects Funders with small businesses across Indonesia. Mekar has now made the leap into the world of crowdfunding. makes investing easier. Earn attractive returns in four simple steps:



1. Find & Select

Discover crowdfunding campaigns by our Business Partners that you can support or invest in. Visit the campaign’s page to read more information about the campaign and what it offers, the SME behind it and their financial statement.

2. Analyze & Plan

Set the amount you wish to invest and click the Invest Now button on the campaign’s page. Mekar will provide you with all the information about the campaign that you have chosen to fund. When confirming your selection, you will be asked to read and agree to a crowdfunding agreement. You can always access the agreement from your dashboard.

3. Confirm & Top Up Your Balance

Confirm the amount of money you wish to invest and all the details of your transaction. Mekar will debit the amount of the transaction from your account. Please top up your account if you have insufficient fund to complete the transaction.

4. Support & Share

Receive updates about the campaigns you have supported and watch the businesses grow. Let everyone know you are taking part in the efforts to grow Indonesian small businesses by sharing your support via social media.