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Help small business grow and get solid returns! Invest in loans through Mekar's peer-to-peer lending platform

Mekar - Loans available for you


Loans available for you

Mekar - Average Annual Interest

10 %

Annual Interest (Avg)

Mekar - Average Tenor at Mekar


Average Tenor (months)

Mekar -  Principal is guaranteed by partner


Principal is guaranteed by partner

How it works

Mekar connects Indonesian businesses that need finance with investors who want to develop Indonesia

Mekar - Browse our Loans

1. Browse our Loans

Look through our list of loans, filter and select the ones you like.

Mekar - Confirm & Transfer

3. Confirm & Transfer

Confirm the loans that you want to fund, then transfer the funds directly from your bank account.

Mekar - Sign Up & Accreditation

2. Sign Up & Accreditation

Register as a funder, we will then verify your details. We like to know all our funders.

Mekar - Instant Repayment

4. Instant Repayment

All loan installments (principal and interest) are repaid directly into your bank account.

Finance a Loan Today and Start Your Investment

Start financing and enjoy high returns

City Gender Interest
You Earn
Lending Partner Rating

Rating System

All lending can be risky. So we want to be transparent. All Mekar lending partners and loans are strictly selected. All lending partners are financially and < 3% of their loans are late. All their borrowers pay on time and use the loan to grow their businesses.

Lowest Risk
Low Risk
Medium Risk
Higher Risk
(but still low)
Highest Risk
(but still low)

For further information about our loan Rating, you can read it on our FAQ page


Mekar - Putera Sampoerna, Funder
Mekar offers wealthy Indonesians the opportunity to directly develop Indonesia. Putera Sampoerna, Funder
Mekar - Mulyadi Tjung, Funder
Invest in order to build a strong Indonesian SMEs. Mulyadi Tjung, Funder
Mekar - Albertina Dwita Harliani, Funder
Finally my savings generate more than a bank deposit rate, and I can make a difference. Albertina Dwita Harliani, Funder
Mekar - Akhsani Indra Waskita, Funder
Mekar does not only provide an opportunity to fund and makes a profit of it, but also makes social impact, which is crucial. Akhsani Indra Waskita, Funder

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