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Cooperative Funding

MSME Funding is financial support specifically designated for MSME (Micro ...

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Cooperative Funding

MSME Funding is financial support specifically designated for MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) operators who are currently registered as partners of MEKAR. This funding ...

Multi-Purpose Funding

Multi-Purpose Funding is a quick loan intended for urgent needs ...

Account Receivable Funding

Account Receivable Funding is financial support based on receivable guarantees ...

Our partnership with cooperative offer the following benefits

  • Flexible loan tenures and repayment terms

  • Competitive interest rates

  • Fast and hassle-free loan approvals

  • Access to a range of loan sizes

  • Opportunity to grow cooperatives, creating job opportunities and contributing to economic development

Key Point

Cooperative loans for SMEs and Cooperatives

Flexible loan tenures and repayment terms

Reliable ongoing support

Mekar offers wealthy Indonesians the opportunity to directly develop Indonesia.

- Putera Sampoerna -


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  1. Information Technology-Based Lending Service is a civil agreement between the Funder and the Lender. Therefore all risks incurred from the agreement shall be borne entirely by the respective parties.
  2. The credit risk or debt default shall be borne entirely by the Funder. No government body or authority will take responsibility for this default risk.
  3. The Organizer, under the consent of the respective users (the Funder and/or the Lender), accesses, gains, keeps, manages and/or uses the Users’ personal data (“Data Usage”) on or in the objects, electronic devices (including smartphones or cellphones), hardware or software, electronic documents, applications or electronic systems owned by or under the control of the Users, by informing the objective, boundaries and mechanism of the aforementioned Data Usage to the related Users before making the said agreement.
  4. The Funder with no knowledge and experience concerning lending is advised not to use this service.
  5. The Lender must take into account the interest rate of the loan and other costs incurred corresponding to his/her ability in repaying the loan.
  6. Every fraudulence will be recorded digitally in the cyberspace and will be accessible to the general public through social media.
  7. The User must read and fully understand this information before deciding to become a Funder or Lender.
  8. The Government, in this case represented by the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK), shall not be held accountable of every violation or disobedience committed by the Funder or the Lender (whether it is intended or due to the User’s negligence) against the regulations, the agreement or the bond between the Organizer and the Funder and/or the Lender.
  9. Every lending transaction and activity or the agreement implementation concerning lending between or those involving the Organizer, the Funder and/or the Lender must be carried out through an escrow account and a virtual account as regulated in the Financial Authority Services Regulation Number 10/POJK.05/2022 about Information Technologi-Based Joint Funding Services, and any violation and disobedience of the regulation shall be considered as evidence of a violation of law committed by the Organizer. Therefore, the Organizer must bear any liability suffered by the Users as a direct result of the violation of law as mentioned above without reducing the rights of the Users that have suffered losses as stipulated in the Indonesian Civil Law.

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