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Cooperative Loans

At Mekar, we believe in empowering communities through access to finance. We partner with top Cooperatives to offer funding designed to support owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. Our Cooperative loans are tailored to help businesses grow, expand their operations and create new job opportunities.

We connect funders with borrowers to create a mutually beneficial relationship. Our platform provides funders with a smart investment opportunity, while borrowers can access affordable loans with fair interest rates. Funding through the Cooperative partnership are not only a source of finance but also a tool for social and economic development in the community.

Partner with Mekar to expand your business and contribute to the growth of your community. Apply for a Cooperative loan today.

Our partnership with cooperative offer the following benefits

  • Flexible loan tenures and repayment terms

  • Competitive interest rates

  • Fast and hassle-free loan approvals

  • Access to a range of loan sizes

  • Opportunity to grow cooperatives, creating job opportunities and contributing to economic development

Key Point

Cooperative loans for SMEs and Cooperatives

Flexible loan tenures and repayment terms

Reliable ongoing support

Mekar offers wealthy Indonesians the opportunity to directly develop Indonesia.

- Putera Sampoerna -


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