Our Team

Passionate, professional & ready to serve

Mekar - Thiery Sanders
Thiery Sanders
Mekar - Dandi Rusli
Dandi Rusli
CTO (Technology)
Mekar - Pandu Aditya
Pandu Aditya
Mekar - Randy Gunadi
Randy Gunadi
Commercial Director

Our Mission

Why we're Here

Improve access to finance for small businesses.

Grow businesses that create jobs.

Deliver good financial and social return on investment to our funders.

Supported By

Mekar - Putera Sampoerna Foundation
Putera Sampoerna Foundation
Mekar - Michelle Sampoerna
Michelle Sampoerna
Mekar - Michael Sampoerna
Michael Sampoerna
Mekar - Putera Sampoerna
Putera Sampoerna