Frequently Asked Questions

About Mekar

  • What is Mekar?

    Mekar (P.T. Sampoerna Wirausaha) was founded in 2010. It is fully owned by the Putera Sampoerna Foundation. Mekar aims to improve access to finance to small businesses that have a positive economic and social impact in Indonesia. We do this by connecting funders with businesses needing finance. To enable this we partner closely with (non-bank) financial institutions which are present all over Indonesia. 

    Mekar uses technology to improve access to finance for small businesses in Indonesia.  It achieves this mission in two ways:

    Firstly, Mekar engages wealthier Indonesians to finance the less wealthy entrepreneurial Indonesians. As a small and efficient institution Mekar achieves national coverage by working with more than 20 credit cooperatives, rural banks and financial institutions covering more than 200 branches across the country.

    These institutions find, select and pre-fund the businesses. Mekar selects the least risky borrowers for wealthier Indonesians to finance. This then frees up the capital of the institutions so that more businesses can be financed. is the webplatform that Mekar uses for this service.

    Secondly, through its network of agents, Mekar is able to identify small businesses that need finance to grow. Mekar’s agents find businesses that need finance. Mekar’s partner financial institutions then follow up on these leads. is the webplatform that Mekar uses for this service.

  • Who is behind Mekar?

    Mekar is formally known as PT Sampoerna Wirausaha. Mekar is funded and fully owned by the Putera Sampoerna Foundation. The Foundation has financed the company and the full loan capital in 2016 and 2017. The company was originally established in November 2010, and has undergone several changes since then. Mekar is managed by Thierry Sanders (Strategy), Pandu Kristy (Operations), Randy Gunadi (Sales) and Dandi Rusli (CTO). Mekar started lending on December 11th 2015.

  • What is Mekar strength?

    - Mekar is part of Putera Sampoerna Foundation
    - Guarantee on the outstanding principal provided by Lending Partner
    - Selection process of Lending Partner is through a rigorous selection and verification process
    - Loan which is published in the portal is a loan with excellent repayment history (never in arrears and never rescheduled)
    - Regular monitoring process either on the Lending Partner and borrower

  • Why is Mekar different to other online lenders?

    A positive impact on Indonesia. 

    All our loans are productive loans. The finance is used by a business to buy more inventory, expand, buy a machine - generally to expand the business. The good thing about this is it creates jobs. Mekar doesn’t do consumer or employee-salary finance. 

    We select Indonesian businesses that make and sell Indonesian products from Indonesian farmers and manufacturers. Some P2P crowdfunding platforms will finance suppliers of E-commerce sites. We don’t because the majority of goods come from abroad, and it does not improve the living standards of micro and small entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

    Mekar loans have a positive social or environmental impact. We select loans to businesses that are good for children, mothers, grand-parents and future generations of Indonesians. We help finance food production, water, education, health as well as waste and pollution reduction. If the loans don’t do this we won’t offer the loan to our funders.

    Mekar loans are guaranteed by our Lending Partner. Every loan we offer comes with a clear listing of the risks involved. Every loan we offer comes with a guarantee from our Lending Partner to ensure you don’t lose your initial investment (the principal). However, please be advised that this guaranteed scheme is not a 0% risk free. If the Lending Partner goes bankrupt then the principal of the loan is not guaranteed. However, continuously checks the financial strength and collection ability of our Lending Partner. If you want more return on your loans, at a higher risk, then the choice is yours.

    Mekar loans are from all over Indonesia, not just Jakarta. This is made possible because we partner with carefully selected financial institutions. We work together with several selected Credit Cooperatives (KSP),  which covering 200 branches throughout Indonesia. All these institutions are good at selecting and lending to small businesses.

  • Why is Mekar necessary?

    In Indonesia banks provide finance to less than 20% of the businesses that need it. 80% are either served by friends, family and loan sharks. Mekar aims to make access to finance for growing businesses possible without the need of growing a large branch network. That is why Mekar works with carefully selected local financial institutions so that your funds go to where businesses need it most.

  • Is Mekar regulated by the OJK?

    MEKAR is a company providing Lending Platform services, organized and incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. The Company is currently not registered and supervised yet by Indonesian Financial Services Authority, but the Company is fully committed to comply with the provisions of OJK Regulation No.77/POJK.01/2016 governing FinTech Lending.  Mekar does its best to meet the best of standards.

  • What kind of legal entity is Mekar?

    Mekar is a PT. A PT is a limited liability company.

  • What is the meaning of Mekar and the logo?

    Mekar means to blossom. The 3 colours in our logo symbolize the collaboration between funders, agents and entrepreneurs. The yellow is the Mekar staff & technology which unites it all.  Together we blossom, Mekar bersama. Mekar’s formal company name is PT Sampoerna Wirausaha.

Lending - Why & What

  • Why should I become a lender?

    Mekar offers you a double bonus. (1) An interest rate which is higher than what you can earn in a savings account. Generally you can earn 5%-6% on a time deposit account. With Mekar you can earn start from 10% per year. (2) Your money helps economic development of Indonesia. If you save money at a bank it is very unclear how your money is being used by the bank. With Mekar it will be used to finance the growth of small businesses. You will also know who is using your money and what for.

  • Is my loan guaranteed or insured?

    Lending Partner offers guarantees for the loan principal (the amount that you lend per loan), but offers no guarantees for the interest portion of the loan.Should the borrower fails to pay the installment (default), then the Lending Partner shall pay the outstading principal of the relevant loan.

  • What is a rating system?

    All lending can be risky. For your peace of mind when investing with us, we would like to let you know that all of the loans and Lending Partners at Mekar have been through strict selection process.  

    Here are the selection criteria we have applied:
    All Lending Partners must:
    - Have less than 3% of non-performing loans (NPLs). These are loans that are late in repaying;
    - Disburse at least 1000 productive/business loans;
    - Have a minimum percentage of CAR (Capital Adequacy Ratio) of 20% and the ratio of PPAP (Provision for Earning Assets Losses) of at least 81%;
    - Record profits or make a profit for the last 2 years and during the current year;
    - Guarantee your loan principal (the loan amount).

    And all borrowers must:
    - Have never been late in repaying their loan;
    - Use the loan to grow their business or other productive purposes.

    In addition to the strict selection criteria above, we give "bonus points" or a "rating" as an estimate of the level of loan risk,  so we can ensure that all loans available in Mekar are safe. So even our riskiest loan, with an "E" rating bears a relatively low risk. We hope that our rating system helps you understand the level of loan risk when investing.
    Rating System


    ALowest risk, 4 points 

    BLow risk, 3 points 

    CMedium risk, 2 points 

    DHigher risk, 1 point 

    EHighest risk, 0 points       

  • Is my money really used for the business I have selected?

    Yes. The loan that you have selected and financed will be formally your loan.  If the loan was ‘pre-funded’ by the ‘lending partner’ then their initial money comes free to finance new loans.

  • What is a ‘Lending Partner’ and how does Mekar select one?

    A Lending Partner is the organisation that Mekar works with to find small businesses, finance them and collect the loans for you. Mekar with an office in Jakarta cannot serve businesses in far parts of Indonesia. To do this we work with experienced financial institutions that know how to select and finance businesses locally.

    These institutions can be a bank with local branches or a Rural bank (Bank Perkreditan Rakyat or BPR). But it can also be a non-bank financial institution like a Credit Cooperative (Koperasi Simpan Pinjam or KSP).

    We select these Lending Partners because they have a large portfolio of business borrowers; they are very experienced at lending to businesses; they have a low level of non-performing loans (NPLs) and they can provide you with guarantees to protect the principal portion of your loan. 

    We select Lending Partners by means of performing both financial and non-financial assessments of prospective Lending Partners, whereby we require some criteria to be fulfilled by our partner as described in "What is a rating system"

  • How does Mekar select the businesses and the loans?

    We select loans for you that:
    - are used for productive (business) purposes, like working capital or buying a equipment or expanding the business. 
    - have never been late in payments or have been rescheduled;
    - have the highest securities to reduce the loan risk;
    - have the highest developmental impact. Loans with a positive education, health, food, water, recycling or job creation impact.

  • What is P2P lending?

    Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is the same as ‘crowdfunding’ or ‘marketplace’ lending. It means that your money is being used to finance the loan that you selected, person-to-person. P2P lending and Crowdfunding also means that a ‘crowd’ of many lenders can finance one borrower.

  • Is the interest rate fixed or variable?

    The interest on your loan is fixed, it will not change with changes in the state interest rate that are announced by the Indonesian Central Bank.

    However, we have an agreed interest rate

  • Is the interest rate per year flat or effective or APR?

    If our website quotes 10% we mean the flat rate. This means that  a Rp. 100 loan will become Rp. 110 at the end of the year, so you earned Rp. 10.  The “effective” or APR (annual percentage rate) is higher. 10% flat is the same as 15% effective or APR.

    We prefer the communicate the flat rate because it is what you get, 100 at 10% = 110 at the end of the year. Other lenders like to offer the effective rate because it seems you may get more.

  • How to calculate my interest?

    Yield Calculation :
    = (Loan Amount x (Maturity date - Effective Date) x 10 %) : 360 Days

    Illustration :
    - Loan Amount  : Rp. 5.000.000
    - Sold date          : Friday, 7 July 2017
    - Effective date (yield calculation)   : Monday, 10 July 2017 ( Yield calculation begins after Lending Partner receive the fund / approximately 1 (one) working day after funder buy the loan)
    - Maturity Date  :  30 December 2017
    - Rate                   : 10 %

    You Earn = (Rp. 5.000.000 x (30 Dec 17 - 10 July 17) x 10 %) : 360 Days
                      = 240.27878

  • How does Mekar make its money?

    Mekar charges the Lending Partner for every loan sold. Mekar will generally charge between 1% and 3% of the principal for the service.

Lending - How

  • Where do I register?

    Funders can register here

  • Can foreigners lend to Mekar businesses?

    All you need is a Rupiah bank account in Indonesia to lend through Mekar, your citizenship does not matter.

  • How do I finance the loan I choose?

    Mekar will withdraw funder fund from its virtual account that will be forwarded to the Lending Partner. Funder must do a top up balance if the fund is insufficient to finance the loan selected.

  • How do I top up my balance through BCA?

    Top up using BCA ATM
    - On the main menu, choose Transfer
    - Choose BCA Virtual Account
    - Enter your BCA Virtual Account number and then choose Benar
    - Company/Product Name is KLIKSEL NO BIL
    - To confirm your transaction choose Ya, or enter the amount of funding for the loan you have chosen and then choose Benar
    - Choose Ya to re-confirm your transaction and to proceed with the payment
    - Finish the remaining process until the transaction is complete

    Top up using Klik BCA 
    - Choose Transfer menu
    - Choose BCA Virtual Account 
    - Enter your BCA Virtual Account number or choose from your transfer list in “Daftar Transfer”
    - Company/Product Name is KLIKSEL NO BIL
    - On the “Konfirmasi Transaksi’s” page, enter the amount of funding for the loan you have chosen and enter your message, or type your message
    - Finish the remaining process until the transaction is complete

    Top up using m-BCA 
    - Choose m-Transfer
    - Choose Transfer and then BCA Virtual Account
    - Choose your source account 
    - Enter your BCA Virtual Account and then click OK
    - Company/Product Name is KLIKSEL NO BIL
    - Click “Kirim” to confirm the BCA Virtual Account number and the source account
    - Click OK to confirm the payment
    - Enter the amount of funding for the loan you have chosen and your message, or type your message

  • How do I top up my balance through Bank Mandiri?

    Top up using Mandiri ATM:
    - On the Main Menu, choose Payment / Purchase
    - Choose Multi Payment (or choose Others and then Multi Payment)
    - Enter the company’s / institution’s code : 88608
    - Enter your Mandiri Virtual Account
    - Enter the amount of funding for the loan you have chosen
    - Choose Confirm after Confirm Transaction 1 appears on screen
    - Choose Confirm after Confirm Transaction 2 appears on screen
    - Finish the remaining process until the transaction is complete

    Top up using Internet Banking Mandiri:
    - Login to your Mandiri Internet Banking account, then choose Payment / Purchase menu
    - Choose XENDIT as the Service Provider
    - Enter the amount of funding for the loan you have chosen
    - To confirm, enter your PIN number
    - Finish the remaining process until the transaction is complete

    Top up usingForm Setoran Mandiri:
    - Mark the Transfer box
    - On the Applicant column, mark the Resident / Non Resident box
    - Write the Funder’s name at the Name field
    - On the Beneficiary column, write XENDIT (88608) on the Name field
    - At the Account Number field, write your Mandiri Virtual Account number
    - At the Bank field, write Bank Mandiri
    - On the Source Of Fund column, mark the Cash box
    - On the Amount field, write the amount of funding for the loan you have chosen

  • How do I top up my balance through from other bank?

    Follow these steps to top up your balance from other bank that are within the online banking network:
    - Choose the “Other Transaction” Menu 
    - Choose the "Transfer" Menu
    - Choose "To Other Bank Account"
    - Enter Bank Mandiri’s bank code (008)
    - Enter your Virtual Account number
    - Enter the amount of funding for the loan you have chosen
    - Choose “YES” after you were asked to confirm your name and the amount of transaction, and your transaction is done

    Please be informed that transaction from banks within the online banking network will be charged with transaction fee in accordance with each company regulation. 

    Top up using Internet Banking from other bank that are within the online banking network, enter Bank Mandiri’s bank code (008) and then enter your Virtual Account.

  • How much time do I have to transfer my funds for a loan?

    You have 4 hours to transfer your money. We then assume a transfer can take up to 72 hours to fully register with Mekar.

  • How long does it take for my transfer to register with Mekar?

    If you have a bank account with BCA and Mandiri then your transfer is immediate.

    If you have another bank account and you transfer on Monday to Thursday we assume it will take 1 day, if you transfer on Friday it could take till Monday to process. So the maximum transfer time is 72 hours.

  • How is my deposit transferred to the borrower?

    When you select a loan that you want to lend your money to, you are actually buying the loan. This is as you would buy a product in an ecommerce website. The money you transfer through designated virtual account to ‘purchase’ the loan is then transferred to the Lending Partner.

  • Who collects the loan repayments / installment payment?

    The Lending Partner is responsible for collecting and servicing your loan. Even though your money is now financing the loan, the Lending Partner will treat the loan as carefully as if it their own loan. In fact, the staff at the Lending Partner do not know which loan is ‘theirs’ or ‘yours’.

  • How is money for the loans collected from the borrower?

    Our lending partners are good at collecting loans and maintaining a good relationship with your borrowers. We seek Lending Partners with historically low NPLs (non-performing loans). These Lending Partners do the collections for you. In return they are paid a portion of the collected interest fees paid.

  • Where do I find how much money I have lent and earned?

    Every Funder has an account with a dashboard.

    On the dashboard you can see the total amounts that you have lent and earned. You can click further to then see the balance of your funds per loan if you want to.

    Go here to see your dashboard:

  • Is the return on investment within Mekar taxable?

    As of July 2017, the Lending Partners shall impose a tax deduction, whereby the Funder who registered its Tax ID shall be subject to a 2.5% deduction of the return on investment received or shall be subject to a higher tax rate i.e. 3% if the Funder does not  register its Tax ID.

  • Will I obtain proof of tax deduction?

    Yes, you will get proof of tax deduction on your investment return within Mekar. The proof of tax deduction can be downloaded through History Menu on your dashboard on the 20th onward of the following month after the transaction takes place.

  • When do I receive the first installment payment of my investment?

    The first installment payment shall be made in the following month in accordance with effective funds received and Lending Partner's payment schedule with a monthly payment cycle. For more details, you can see on “payment schedule” in your dashboard

  • Is my investment kept by Mekar?

    No, your fund is transferred to the Lending Partner. When the borrower repays an installment on a loan, then the Lending partner will pay this to you, Mekar never holds any of your funds. Mekar ensures that the transactions happen correctly and updates you on the status of your loan and account balance.

  • Can I sell a loan and get my money back early?

    No at the moment it is not possible to

  • How much money can I lose?

    You can lose all the interest earning, however the loan principal is 100% guaranteed by our Lending Partner. Please read how you can reduce your lending risk.

  • What can I do to reduce my lending risk?

    We recommend 3 things:
    - Never lend more than 10% of your savings;
    - Always invest in at least 3 loans or more, so that you minimize your losses if 1 loan does not work out well. 
    - Select loans with an A + B rating if you want to minimize risk. If you know what you are doing and can afford to risk your money for a higher return, then you can also lend to loans with a C, D, E rating.

  • Where do I find my Mekar Funding Portal Subscription Agreement?

    Every Funder has an account with a dashboard. On the dashboard you can see the Agreement by click setting menu. 

    Go here to see your dashboard.

    Virtual Account, Balance, Top Up, Withdrawal - What & How

    • What is a virtual account?

      Virtual account is a virtual number provided by Mekar to facilitate the Funder in doing Top Up balance transactions and every Funder will get 1 unique virtual account number and such account number will not change for all transactions.

    • What is virtual account balance?

      The virtual account balance is an information regarding the amount of fund owned by the Funder which is kept in such account, determined by Top Up, loan repayment and withdrawal transaction activities.

    • When can I start investing after I finish registration?

      You can invest once your data has been verified and you will receive an active virtual account number within 1x24 hours.

    • How does the return on investment /my loan repayment?

      Any loan repayment, will be paid to your virtual account in Mekar, which can be accessed through your dashboard. The balance can be used for reinvestment or withdrawn into your registered bank account in Mekar.

    • How do I withdraw my virtual account balance to my bank account?

      To withdraw your virtual account balance, please visit the Withdrawals menu that can be accessed through your dashboard. Your fund will go into the bank account that you registered at the time of registration, within 1-2 business days.

      Minimum withdrawal amount is Rp. 100,000. For withdrawal above Rp. 25 million shall be done in stages, each stage of Rp 25 million.

    • What is the minimum balance limit on my virtual account?

      There is no minimum balance kept in virtual account.