Mekar - PT Mekar Investama Sampoerna - Easy, Secure, and Highly Profitable Peer To Peer Investment

Secure investment
with real social impact

  • Invest in women-run businesses in Indonesia

  • Reinvest and earn up to 4.8% p.a.

  • Your investment is guaranteed

Why lend through Mekar?


Lend to reliable and productive women-run businesses in Indonesia. Mekar only offers productive loans.

Positive social and
economic impact

By lending to Indonesian micro businesses, you are helping to create positive socio-economic impact.

Fair rate for you and
micro business

You earn a solid, fair rate of return. The borrowers also pay a reasonable rate of interest on their loan.


Enjoy a 100% protection guarantee for your principal, provided by our lending partners.

Invest for longer, earn more. Hassle-free and guaranteed

Invest in women's micro-businesses across Indonesia. Earn up to 4.8% p.a. Your initial investment is guaranteed

12 Months Invest

Full repayment in 12 months

No Fees

USD 3000 (IDR 40 Mio) minimum investment

This rate is only applicable to funders without an Indonesian bank account

18 Months Invest

Full repayment in 18 months

No Fees

USD 3000 (IDR 40 Mio) minimum investment

This rate is only applicable to funders without an Indonesian bank account

24 Months Invest

Full repayment in 24 months

No Fees

USD 3000 (IDR 40 Mio) minimum investment

This rate is only applicable to funders without an Indonesian bank account

Do you have an Indonesian bank account?

Indonesian bank account holders can enjoy more varied investment opportunities as well as higher returns.

The steps

Mekar connects Indonesian businesses that need financing with funders who want to help develop Indonesia's economy

Mekar - Browse Our Loans

1. Browse investment opportunities

Choose from three lending periods: 12 months, 18 months or 24 months.

Mekar - Sign Up & Accreditation

2. Sign up and complete your profile

Register as a funder and upload the required document. We will verify your data and you can start lending.

Mekar - Confirm & Transfer

3. Confirm and Transfer

Confirm your investment selection and transfer the funds directly from your bank account.

Mekar - Instant Repayment

4. Get paid

Receive your principal and interest at the end of lending period.

Finance A Loan Today and Start Your Investment

Start financing loans and enjoy the high returns

You Earn
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Mekar - Putera Sampoerna, Funder
Mekar offers wealthy Indonesians the opportunity to directly develop Indonesia. Putera Sampoerna, Funder
Mekar - Mulyadi Tjung, Funder
Invest in order to build a strong Indonesian SMEs. Mulyadi Tjung, Funder
Mekar - Davis Ray, Funder
Mekar is the best choice for investors whose investment goal is not only to earn some interest on their money but also to help grow SMEs and micro businesses. Also, in terms of safety, it is better than other Fintech startups out there. Davis Ray, Funder
Mekar - Andreas Sihombing, Funder
Mekar has a good platform and all its features are easy to understand, hopefully Mekar can continue to support the growth of Indonesian MSMEs. We must support Mekar because this platform benefits everyone so we can take a step forward together. Andreas Sihombing, Funder
Mekar - Matheus Saniang Naga Siagian, Funder
It feels good to be able to help others and still making money. Compared to other P2P platforms, Mekar is the one where I can get a guarantee for my investment and that makes me feel safe and secure. Matheus Saniang Naga Siagian, Funder
Mekar - Sucipto, Funder
I am lending through Mekar not only because I get to help Indonesian small businesses grow but also because I get to enjoy good returns and security for my money. Sucipto, Funder

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