Koperasi Abdi Kerta Raharja

Head Quarter

Perumahan PWS Blok AF 18 No 26 RT 05/02 Kec. Tigaraksa Ds. Kadu Agung Kab. Tangerang


A note to you as a Mekar Funder
  • Koperasi Abdi Kerta Raharja will collect the loan installments and process the repayments to you.

  • Koperasi Abdi Kerta Raharja guarantees 100% of the principal of your loan.

  • Mekar has carefully audited the financial position and performance of Koperasi Abdi Kerta Raharja.

  • The loan you have selected has never been late in repayment, and has never been 'rescheduled' because of earlier problems. So, the borrower has a good repayment record.

  • Koperasi Abdi Kerta Raharja was established on July 2009 with name Koperasi Abdi Kerta Raharja.

  • Koperasi Abdi Kerta Raharja is one of the micro finance institutions. Most of the customer is poor woman. The specialize in Grameen style group lending.

  • The Abdi Kerta Raharja Cooperative is Inspired by the spirit of Mochamad Hatta’s philosophy and principles of cooperatives and Nobel Laureate Mochamad Yunus’ Grameen Bank, which has succeeded in reducing poverty rates in Bangladesh.

  • Driven by the success of a decade long trial run for microfinance institution management (LPP-UMKM) initiated by the Tangerang Regency Administration from 2003 to 2013. Standard Operating Procedure is a modification of that of a cooperative and the Grameen Bank microfinance.

  • Abdi Kerta Raharja Cooperative the only government-initiated cooperative in Indonesia with the highest assets of more than Rp. 82 billion, a zero percent NPL and more than 56,000 members.

  • Abdi Kerta Raharja Cooperative motto is “The Poor, The Bankable” and apply this principle to the members and the general public, because we believe that help must be provided for the poor. Abdi Kerta Raharja Cooperative service is called “Gebrakan Sipintar” (Movement to Eradicate Poverty Through Risk Free, Unsecured Loans and Savings), and is now among the competitive programs rolled out by the Tangerang Regency Administration. This has proven to be a successful cooperation achieved by adopting a modified Grameen Bank micro-financing scheme.


Koperasi Abdi Kerta Raharja in Numbers
  • Established in 2009

  • 26.389 micro credit borrowers

  • 0.16% Non performing loans (>90 days late)

  • Rp 43.098 billion in loans outstanding

  • 10 branch offices

  • Regions : Tangerang, South Tangerang, Serang & Bogor

  1. To nurture our members and build a society in which our cooperative can act as an intermediary with a good corporate governance.

  2. To facilitate an economic, social and cultural environment that is characterized as highly discipline, active, dynamic, creative, innovative and self-sufficient as well as having a great sense of family and togetherness, in line with the cooperative’s principles and foundation.

  3. To break the cycle of poverty: “Low income – Low savings – Low investment – Low income” and turn it into: “Low income – Financing – Higher investment – Higher income – More Financing – Higher investment – Higher income”.

  4. To boost opportunities for small businesses in order to promote social and economic growth by providing initial and additional financing facilities needed for growing businesses, production management, education, home renovation, sanitation and environmental management.

  5. To give positive contribution to our members by nurturing savings habit (capital formation) using our savings facilities that we manage professionally in our cooperative in order to achieve optimal investment.

  6. To develop skills and professionalism among our human resources and encourage them to be productive and innovative, with an expertise in competitive and sustainable technology.

  7. To develop the best cooperative where members proudly serve, create, accomplish and invest and to be the embodiment of worship to the Almighty as well as a model of a trustworthy cooperative.